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In the first half of 2017, financing projects by selling cryptographic tokens or ICOs went mainstream. So much that  blockchain sector funding surpassed VC funding.

The amount of capital being raised through token sales breaks new records every week.

ICO is a phenomenal method of pouring value into any organization and company. It allows businesses to grow without the existence of intermediaries and mediators.

ICOs also grant anyone within the cryptocurrency community to become active owner in emerging blockchain projects without being an accredited and verified investor.

But this rush to ICO continues to hurt the quality of offerings. To date the large majority of ICOs have been poorly designed and executed in terms of readiness, team, product, governance, technical, compliance and commercials.

Tokenpolis is the perfect partner thanks to a growing team with a broad experience focused on ‘Crypto-economics’



Who we are

Global Consulting ICO Firm

Tokenpolis helps clients globally with the challenges to set up an ICO, with a broad  experience in smart contracts, crypto asset management, blockchain apps and the business workflow for the company of the future.

Tokenpolis is a Limited company registered in Estonia with the Registry Code 14354374.



Let’s ICO!

ICO means Initial Coin Offering. ICOs not only are becoming the new IPO,  changing capital raising process for new companies, but cryptocurrencies are providing new opportunities and business model for organizing both commercial and non-profit enterprises in more decentralized ways.