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Do you want to launch an ICO?

Do you want some remote consultancy about ICO, cryptocurrencies, wallet and all things blockchain?

Doing an ICO is a complex and very specific activity that involves basic knowledge of the technology behind a token sale. We believe that the management team that run the company interested in the ICO, should learn the core concepts and specific information related to blockchain technology.

Tokenpolis helps clients answering the most important questions related to the token and blockchain technology, using a template. Tokenpolis provide help in reviewing the description of the project, and adding value and strategy to the token model and use of the blockchain technology. We will add contextual and technical information inside a structural framework based on the described template.

Smart Contract

A Smart Contract is a program that runs in the blockchain, and bring the token to life. Basically the Ethereum ERC20 smart contracts cover how the tokens are issued, the supply, the name and the symbol. Another contract will be used to manage the token sale. Tokenpolis will write and deploy the software that run the Smart Contract.

Legal, Marketing and Promotion

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Global Consulting ICO Firm

Tokenpolis helps clients globally with the challenges to set up an ICO, with a broad experience in smart contracts, crypto asset management, blockchain apps and the business workflow for the company of the future.

Registered in Estonia

Tokenpolis is a Limited company registered in Estonia with the Registry Code 14354374.

Let’s ICO!

ICO means Initial Coin Offering. ICOs not only are becoming the new IPO, changing capital raising process for new companies, but cryptocurrencies are providing new opportunities and business model for organizing both commercial and non-profit enterprises in more decentralized ways.